Risk in the Eye of the Beholder 9.13.13

Following the writer’s path, my daughter’s weekly post.

A Journey in Writing

Risk. Some people see risk as dangerous, lively events. It may be taking a new class that is completely unrelated to our major, delving into something purely of interest. Or it may be as simple as stepping out of the house wearing an unusual fashion trend.  Risk is the deviation from an individual’s normal behavior or expectation in order to grow and develop. It is different from person to person, character to character, and day to day.


I like my risk in minimal doses. Maybe I stay up late and watch a movie, risking the amount of exhaustion I will feel the next day. Perhaps it is choosing the mystery novel over the romantic escapade. These choices, my risks, do not make me a boring person. They create my character. They provide growth in a personal way.


In class the other day, there were several comments about those…

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