Branching Out

Welcome to Pen, Paper and Prose. The desire to put pen to paper and write our stories is  innate for many. Beginners often wonder where ideas come from, yet have them all day long, get them every day. Dialogue is created whenever you have a conversation. And who hasn’t left a meeting or consultation recreating the message just given? We write our stories every day.

The actual writing is what blocks most of us. Sitting alone at a keyboard, faced with a blank page, the process of beginning the story, the writing of dialogue, can be intimidating. The thoughts seem to dry up or jump off in different directions than what we planned. Focus on the process increases our anxiety.

Daily practice helps avoid this blank page panic. Journal writing, morning pages, diaries and carrying a notebook keeps us mindful of the practice. Take the time to write. Every day. Soon the dialogue will flow, the scenes will be set, the plot will thicken. You know you create stories. Now put pen to paper, and share your prose or poem.

The journey begins with the first step, the book begins with the first word. Write it down. Every day.


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